The Gipum Nanum(Joy of Sharing) was established in the year 2010 by Society of Jesus which also founded Sogang University in Seoul.

It was established as a nonprofit organization (NPO) for international relief and development in the Korean Jesuits It’s registered under minister for foreign affairs.it is a designated donation organization of Jesuit community.
Joy of sharing is FBO (Faith Based organization) Catholic based. Nevertheless, Gipum Nanum(Joy of Sharing) Foundation works on respect of human rights and dignity; committed and respect to humanitarian principles, such as humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence. We treat people equal regardless of our differences on faith, race or social classes. Development cooperation through practical and long-term support especially through education, starvation and other life challenges remains a unit of our great concern.

This organization Is hoping to make a better world where everyone lives well. We insure to protect and promote solution to social predicaments. Our ultimate goal is to safeguard our beneficiaries’ wellbeing, provide solution that will allow them build their lives in dignity and peace. We empower them with hope and opportunity through education and self-reliant activities. We are driven by passionate, dynamic, transparent, date driven and forward thinking.

We think and mind the future every generation of this world. Currently, the Foundation is providing practical assistance in various 25 countries such as Cambodia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and other Asian countries, as
well as relief, education and community development projects in Africa. Countries in Africa includes Kenya, Tanzania and South Sudan.




Transparency of sharing

It always reports on business selection, progress and financial status transparently and ensures that the funds are executed according to purpose for which they were raised.
All activities are carried out fairly and under ethical values. Furthermore, we gain social credibility through transparency and productivity of the foundation

Activity Expertise

We prioritize right to education and social life of vulnerable people. Every member of this organization is differentiated and excelled in their professional; fighting and advocating right to education in practical way. Supporting education programs in the world.

Cooperation with all

We serve and treat everyone with respect thus serving our organization with great values. Our staffs do participate in volunteer work together with our volunteer as we embrace the values of our organization and other organizations who are willing to partner with us.

Foundation Neutrality

Although our organization is based on catholic spirit, we do not use this foundation as an instrument of religion but work across nationalities, races, gender, religion, ideology, cultural differences and localities.

Impression of business

Everyone involved in this foundation, be it our staff, beneficiaries, sponsors are inspired and sincere in their effort to make them worthwhile.

"Share your hope"

Despite rapid growth and social development, there are still people in the global community who are alienated by poverty, disease and social inequality. Starting with support projects for various underprivileged groups, we will provide a variety of ways for them to take care of themselves and provide necessary help. We have established Joy Sharing, a foundation that supports public interest activities to form a peace community that implements a culture of social contribution of hope and change.


In addition, Joy Sharing Foundation will provide various financial and manpower elements to support businesses that need supporters from Asian countries.

The Foundation's role is to present projects to a variety of sponsoring groups; (actively organize local networks to propose volunteer activities according to local requests and circumstances, to conduct the program.

Third, we hope that more donors will be recruited to designate more donors and donors and beneficiaries will be able to lead sustainable donations with programs that can mark the value and meaning of the donations.

We are also committed to nurturing leaders so that they can lead the next generation without going beyond basic support.
This is a more gradual, forward-looking investment that will become a stepping stone to the future.



Justino Shim S.J


Organizational Chart







The meaning of the leaf means the spirit of the Joy Sharing Foundation, which symbolizes 'the beauty of a bright future, hope, and warm sharing' blooming in it.



3, Sogangdae-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (04111)

Tel. 02-6956-0008   Fax. 02-6956-7871  E-mail info@joyofsharing.or.kr

In case you come via Car

From Daeheung Station go straight to Sinchon Rotary and then turn right to the road next to Hi-mart. It is the Jesuit headquarters building opposite the Bellarmino dormitory for Sogang University. If you come to Sogang University from Sinchon Rotary, pass Sogang University main gate and then turn left at Hi Mart building.

In case you use the train

You can use Line 6 Daeheung Station Exit 4, Line 2 Sinchon Station Exit 6

Come to Sogang University and go to the alley next to Hi-Mart and you will Jesuit headquarters.

In case you use the bus

Local buses : 110A, 110B, 153, 604, 740, 753, 921, 5712, 5714, 6712, 7016, 7016, 7613, 8153

Village bus : Mapo 07, Mapo 11, Mapo 12, Mapo 14

Access from Incheon International Airport

Take the 6002 from the 5B or 12A stop on the first floor and get off at Shinchon Hyundai Department Store (approx. 80 minutes)


서울시 마포구 서강대길 3 서강빌딩 8층   대표자: 정제천   사업자등록번호: 105-82-18058

후원문의 02-6956-0008 팩스 02-6956-7871 이메일 info@gpnanum.or.kr  개인정보처리방침

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